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As we all know, in late 2019, the first case of a never-before-seen virus pneumonia, later named novel coronavirus pneumonia, was reported in Wuhan, China.
From Jan 21st, 2020, COVID-19 was confirmed as a type of human-to-human transmission virus and spread to more people.
How to detect COVID-19 is a very important subject, and with continuous research and development and progress, there have been breakthroughs in this area. From clinical testing to self-testing is a great advancement. Our company manufactures face mask, simple operation covid-19 self test rapid antigen test, covid-19 self test rapid antigen test.
October 2020, COVID-19 Antigen test received CE certificates and export whitelist from EU.
December 2020, FDA approved the first home kit for COVID-19 antigen testing.
March 2021, German BFARM approved self-testing reagents for COVID-19 antigen.
April 2021, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, and other countries approved the COVID-19 self-testing reagent.
June 2021, COVID-19 antigen self-test kit received CE certificates from EU.
March 2022, Chinese National Medical Products Administration approved the list of the COVID-19 Antigen Self Test.

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